DW Designs is one of the best web design companies in Egypt, and they have earned this position by having  great web design & web development projects in Egypt for some of the biggest companies in the market today. Today we will review some of their technologies used to create beautiful responsive design.


  • HTML5

HTML5 is definitely an abbreviation for Hyper Text Mark-up Language and will be described in the most simplest of terms being a language which is the basic mark up for structuring along with presenting content for the internet with all the internet. The 5 that is denoted following the abbreviation simply states the version of the language meaning that this here being referred to is the fifth version inside series.

HTML5 will in fact be the fifth verison in the first HTML language. HTML5 will be used not merely on mobiles, but has been mentioned by facebook, and side by side when compared with other versions and browsers. They are going to be teaming up with some with the biggest names in technology including Apple, Google and Flash. HTML5 is likewise available on your cell phone for apps and fast downloads. Gaming and multimedia is likewise optimized.


  • CSS3

Cascading style sheets, is a language that is used to add styles to HTML web designs. The style sheet can be defined inside HEAD portion of the web-page, or perhaps be linked from another file (included externally). Having an entirely separate CSS file is sensible as it might be connected to multiple web pages, thereby allowing a website developer to generate a uniform style through the site.



Javascript is one of the most popular languages in the world, because it is working on almost all web browsers. JQuery is a Javascript library that has gained a lot of success because of it’s lightweight & features. Jquery will help you build interactive web designs in Egypt.


  • AJAX

AJAX is utilized by developer to create a client-side connection with the server without refreshing the page. Thus, AJAX loads your data without anyone’s knowledge, and it can send and get data from the web server without refreshing. The effectiveness of AJAX can be determined by the fact that the technology has employed by a number of the high-performance and heavy-traffic applications like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and Facebook.


  • Content Management Systems

Content Management System is a very important part of any modern website these days. It allows you to manage your website easily without any technical knowledge. You can add content, posts, images, etc….. very easily. There are many kinds of CMS you can find. Some are incredibly easy to use while some require user to possess web development knowledge. In the latter type, company needs to engage a trained professional to accomplish a similar which is not lucrative thing for too long run. Today everything should be time saving therefore for any online business having a professional CMS is a must.

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